Waterproof Concrete Solutions

Sprayed Concrete & Shuttered & Poured concrete for all applications

The SCS team have two main techniques for achieving waterproof concrete that answer any building and construction problem where a waterproof solution is needed.

Shuttered and Poured techniques are used in the vast majority of situations but can be enhanced by our bespoke Sprayed Concrete Service or even completely replaced by this flexible and fast method.

Waterproof Concrete spraying is the flexible and efficient way to create concrete walls and supporting structures

Sprayed Concrete Solutions are the ‘go-to’ specialist in the field of sprayed concrete applications, and have been engaged in many of the most distinguished contracts across the UK. You can be sure that when commissioning our sprayed concrete team, you are getting one of the UK’s most skilled and reliable suppliers, always striving to achieve the highest level of professional standards. Our in-house design engineers will help and advise you, using their decades of knowledge and experience to ensure you get the result you need for your construction project.

Used for over 100 years, sprayed concrete is an extremely versatile material that lends itself to many applications in the industry, particularly where complex forms or shapes are required. Efficiency is excellent with the potential to complete in up to 50% of the time for traditional shuttered and poured methods.

A well known and standard method of creating concrete bases and structures, our specialist service provides waterproof concrete for many businesses and applications. Concrete is poured into a framework of which there are several types, to create and maintain the desired shape until the concrete has set or cured.